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Sean Renzetti

LET'S get creative!



Hey, I’m Sean and I love soup! Yep - I said it, soup. Don’t agree? Fight me. But like…please don’t.
I’ve spent my life - through the good and bad - with my eyes on the entertainment industry. It’s the only thing that makes me feel truly useful. I knew one way or another - I wanted to be a part of an industry that helps so many.
During the hardest of times, entertainment drifted me away from reality for a brief moment. This gave me hope, showed me love, and helped me feel like anything was possible... 
My social media journey was just meant to keep me working and active while we were stuck at home. I didn't expect the millions of views! 
So, #StayZetti - Don't be afraid to get weird when you're being creative.
 -Sean R.


Sean Renzetti
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