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Sean Renzetti has a passion to entertain - intertwined with his need to help others and give more than he takes, you find a true artist. He has since been working toward a career that gives him purpose and the ability to give back to the greater society. In that, was the birth of TRUSETTE Entertainment.

Trusette is a production company where projects aim to captivate, entertain, and inspire audiences. Offering directing and production services to indie film and social media creators. 


One Night in NoHo

Coming Soon!

Timing is everything. With a deep and complex past between Marsh and Peter the time to say everything that needs to be said is now. After her show, Marsh ends up restless and awake replaying every awkward moment and missed opportunity in her head. Finding out early that night that her kind-of-ex, Peter is moving away in the morning. Suddenly, Marsh is interrupted by a knock at her front door. It's Peter. Thus begins the delicate dance between resolving the past and taking advantage of the present. 

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A. Jacks is a modern telling of Sophocles’ tragedy. Jacks, the model of a premier soldier, makes the biggest mistake of his life. While he toils over his actions, his loyal brother-in-arms, Teucer, fights a battle of opinion and personality over the fate of Jacks' name with Major Elias, a polished and political commander who leaves no room for the idolization of a “traitor's” honor. As Teucer and Elias come to a head, Jacks rips the debate from their grasp with one final, unforgivable act.


Mountain Ave

Ryan and Sara, a seemingly normal couple, drive up the long and winding road to their mountain home. But as they return to their once peaceful retreat, tensions rise and they are confronted with the truth. Ryan flips out over a simple lightbulb breaking, Sara rehashes the joy they once cherished, and the memory of their lost child fall into their laps, unearthing the nightmares they tried to shut away. 

The maelstrom of nostalgia, grief, regret, joy, and loss forces Ryan and Sara to peel back the layers of their love. With each layer, Ryan has to decide where Sara fits into his changing life. And It leaves the couple with one undying question: 'Are you okay?”

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Bang Bang Goes the Gun!

In a world on and around the stage, “Bang Bang Goes the Gun!” tips it’s hat to old Hollywood. A play on today’s headlines, this film takes you on a journey that has you asking the age old question, “What would YOU do for fame?”

When Millie Myers’ debut performance receives a harrowing review, she turns to her man, Bobby Fields. Bobby’s a man about town. Who are we kidding?…he owns the town! 

In a whirlwind scenario, a plan is made to take out the garbage and steal the spotlight once and for all. “Shall we have a little fun? Bang Bang Goes the Gun!"


Director - Writer - Producer 

Over 200 Million Views on developed content.

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